Food packaging plastic roll film and laminated roll film use on pillow packing machine

    Food packaging plastic roll film and laminated roll film use on pillow packing machine,vertical packaging machine .


    The packaging material use on packing machine include :plastic film,plastic roll film , heating roll film, packaging film, Plastic Packaging Film, laminated roll film, candy stretch film, Metallized plastic printing roll film, laminated plastic stretch film, plastic BOPP laminating film, colorful roll film, food packaging film for ice cream, packaging plastic bags, BOPP Metalized Film, heat seal plastic film, food packaging film .


 The food packaging plastic roll film detail information

1.Product name: AUTO Packaging Film Roll

2.Material:according to customer's requirement.


4.Size and color:any size and color are available.

5.Logo and pattern:according to customer's requirement(Client's printing design logos are welcome).

6.Packaging:In carton or as per customer's requirement.

7. Usage:widely used in supermarket,specility shop,grocer, stores,retail shops,daily life packages.

8.Price and quality:Competitive price with good quality.we are looking forward to your enquiry and sincerely hope to cooperate with you in the furture


Plastic roll fim Product advantage:

1)Versatile for different food products,rice products,snacks,deep fried products,tea and sop mixes

2)Leakproof and moisture-proof,high temperature&pressure resistance,easy to open

3)Suitable for automatic packaging and food packaging,efficient to keep food flavor

4) Good barrier property against air, moisture&puncture

5)Vivid gravure printing up to 10 colours

6) Big order with price discount

7)With quality proved producing, products with QS and FDA certificated


Material roll film Structure and Application


Packing Product Material Structure Packing Method Properties Required
Packaging Instant Noodles BOPP//PE20 BOPP/M,CPP25 BOPP/PP Normal automatic roll Packing Oil resistance, moisture barrier, economic, high speed packing
Snacks BOPP//M,CPP BOPP/M,PET/CPP(PE) Gas packing Gas barrier, light barrier, oil barrier
Candy, Biscuit, Nut OPP/CPP OPP/M,CPP Hand packing or automatic roll film packing High transparency, good luster appearance, decorative, economic
Liquid Detergent and Cream Series PET12/M,PET12/LLDPE60 PET/AL7/LLDPE50-60 Liquid automatic filing packing Pollution resistance, light barrier, gas barrier, high intension
Oil, Sauce NY15/PE50-60 PET12/LLDPE50-60 NY/CPP PET/CPP Liquid automatic filing packing Pollution resistance, pressure resistance, High speed packing, good seal ability


Laminated roll film use on pillow packing machine ,vertical packaging machine sample :



Roll film packaging for shipment :

First use stretch film wrapping the roll film,then put into Carton box ,use use the pallet & stretch film to pack ,strong enough for shipment.



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